Hydrogen Technologies is an initiative, backed by the best experts from Oil&Gas, energy, and modern technology industries. Our team composes of accumulated experience from management of state companies and private businesses. We cooperate with various engineers, technology providers, and financial institutions in order to deliver best integrated solutions of emission-free transport for local authorities, private companies and others. Place your trust in our experienced team.



Magdalena Dąbrowicz-Rzeczycka is the President of the Board, responsible for overall strategic management, and supervision over the company. Her experience comes from many years of holding high-management positions in companies dealing with the development of innovative technologies. She has successfully managed several project related to the implementation of new technologies in fuel- and electromobility industries. Our CEO is a perfect team player, having cooperated with many enterprises, universities, research centres, and start-ups. Her experience as the Innovation Director in the LOTOS Group includes supervision of many innovative projects related to development of hydrogen solutions. Her experience is invaluable when it comes to acquisition of funds for investments, R&D, and implementation project.



Our Expert Mieczysław Koch is the leading force behind projects revolving around green hydrogen. His several years of experience as an excellent manager in the electric power industry, and renewables market, have enabled him to be entrusted with the position of Vice- President of the Renewable Energy Association, and then President of the Board of PGE Energia Odnawialna company. His work included the supervision of the most crucial Polish investments related to production of green energy photovoltaics, and smart network management. For many years Mieczysław has been a supervisory board member in many energy-production companies. His expertise and commitment led him to work on legislative frameworks for development and implementation of innovative technologies. His contribution to the renewable energy sources and energy clusters act was invaluable, and helped to accelerate the growth of green industry in Poland. Founding member of the Polish-Spanish Forum for Renewable Energy.



Marek Foltynowicz, Advisor to the Management Board and one of our most valued expert, has vast experience in Oil&Gas industry. As a Board Member of Nafta Polska, and Vice-President of PGNiG, he was responsible for the process of restructuring and privatization of the Polish public oil companies. Over the years he has served as a member of supervisory boards for many oil and municipal companies. A true expert in the field of oil industry, he is also a manager, innovator, and the author of the innovative technology of separation of oil wastes. He has been involved with Rafineria Gdańska, and the LOTOS Group for many years. Marek Foltynowicz actively supports the growth of the Polish hydrogen market, and works towards its popularization of commercial usage. He is also the Experts of the Polish Cluster of Hydrogen Technologies and Clean Carbon Technologies.