We provide innovative, individual hydrogen- based solutions, complete with obtaining funds from various subsidies.


At Hydrogen Technologies, we offer a comprehensive package of services related to the production, distribution and use of hydrogen as a fuel and energy carrier.


Hydrogen can be obtained from few different processes: steam methane reforming, water electrolysis, or steam decomposition. Our focus is to support formation of new hydrogen production plants, obtaining the fuel from both conventional and renewable energy sources. Our support consists of consulting, and implementing the best selection of ready-made technologies and hydrogen solutions.


Emission-free transport is the most crucial challenge we face today, both technology- and social-wise. Our support is aimed mostly towards local authorities, at lending our expertise in developing strategies for implementation of emission-free public transport. This includes commencing production of hydrogen based on available local resources, its distribution within the city bus network, and inclusion of hydrogen-powered buses to the conventional bus fleet. We also plan and execute necessary social campaigns.


The processes of production, storage, and distribution of hydrogen are all technologically complicated processes. Their complexity, in addition to implemented technical solutions, require constant expert management. Our consulting and management services ensure safe operation and proper maintenance of installations.


Development of hydrogen technologies is not just a global eco-friendly movement. Its probably most important perk is generating actual profits for operators. At Hydrogen Technologies we support companies with delivering, and implementing innovative solutions. We carefully plan and monitor them at every stage – from creating a new concept, business model, establishing necessary partnerships, project management. We also care to patent, and to commercialize designed solutions.


The overall cost of hydrogen technologies is the main factor behind the speed of their implementation by public or private entities. Dedicated subsidiaries aim to accelerate this speed, and allow companies or other entities, which otherwise would not be financially ready, to implement hydrogen technologies. Our services include acquisition, management, and settlement of national, European, or targeted subsidiaries, and technology loans.