Hydrogen can power even the heaviest vehicles. The world’s first hydrogen tractor

The world’s first hydrogen-powered tractor is available for sale. The H2 Dual Power vehicle introduces the “blue fuel” to the agricultural industry. 

The energy that drives the H2 Dual Power comes from two sources: the combustion of hydrogen and diesel, mixed together directly in the engine. As a result, the vehicle produces significantly less carbon dioxide (around 50% less) while maintaining the torque and power levels. This “dual technology” is intended to make the vehicle more affordable during the energy transition process and the development of hydrogen infrastructure.

 H2 Dual Power can only run on diesel if hydrogen fuel is not available. According to the tractor manufacturer, the Dutch company Blue Fuel Solutions, dual engines are as efficient as the traditional ones, while being relatively affordable. The vehicle model itself is based on the well-known Dutch New Holland T5.140 Auto Command. In the “improved” hydrogen version, the tractor is able to complete all the tasks for which the traditional model is adapted. The vehicle itself is produced in Italy, and equipped with a dual hydrogen engine in the Netherlands. Hydrogen fuel is stored in 5 tank cylinders located above the tractor cabin. 

The vehicle can be purchased directly from the manufacturer.