Europe gives the go-ahead for hydrogen production from natural gas

The European Parliament has approved the European Commission’s proposal to allow production of hydrogen using natural gas. However, this method is considered a half-measure, allowed only until the widespread popularization of zero-emission technologies.

The project for the development of hydrogen strategy proposed by the European Commission was adopted at the meeting of the Environment Commission. The strategy assumes, among others, enabling the production of hydrogen fuel using natural gas. As noted, this is a temporary solution, and ultimately hydrogen is to be obtained only from zero-emission sources. However, taking into account the current pace of development of hydrogen technologies, and the overall availability of this element, it is necessary to support projects, which use hydrogen obtained in this method. 

Three different criteria for the production of hydrogen from natural gas have been identified: the production process must be temporary, contribute to a significant reduction in greenhouse gases, and ensure production continuity once zero-emission technologies become widespread. 

The European Parliament called on the European Commission to harmonize the rules on mixing hydrogen with natural gas in existing gas pipelines. This proportion can be as high as 20 percent. MEPs from the Green Party expressed their opposition to the adopted project, calling for greater support for green technologies and the withdrawal of EU support for the gas industry.